everbloom gerbera pack

A long-time economy water pack shipping favorite, our Gerb-Pac hydrates your stems in PRG water during shipment. User-friendly cards that hold 20 Gerberas or 40 Mini/Pomponi per card, or two half-cards of 12 Gerberas. Pallets are cubed with 24 boxes per pallet. 5 Cards per Box = 100 Gerberas

An effective packing systems to ensure the highest quality flowers with unsurpassed vase-life.

16”x 10” x 34”          20 Gerberas       27 lbs      3.148 cubes



96 gerberas per box
Always shipped in PRG treated water
3072 gerberas per pallet
22% more flowers/cube than the Gerb Pac
AquaBox® is 2.36 cubes

Growing the largest assortment of gerbera and mini gerberas, Ever-Bloom is constantly striving to offer the best quality, value, and breadth of choices for our customers.  This pursuit has led us to replace our GerbPac water pack with the new and improved AquaBox®.  The flowers will be well protected, while the presentation and quality remain — all for a lower price on packing and shipping to offer more value to you. Ever-Bloom purchased the exclusive* rights to this unique and highly effective AquaBox® for all of North America from the Dutch nursery Florein.



Dimensions                 Weight
15x15x29                     15lbs                3.776 cubes

Flowers shipped in water and treated with preservative. Available with cups, sleeves, and straws for an additional charge.
Gerberas are 10 bunches per box, 10 stems per bunch.
Germinis/Pomponi are 10 bunches per box, 15 stems per bunch.

The Ever-Bloom bucket box is a more economical wet-packaging option.  There is a single plastic bucket that holds 100 gerbera stems (10 bunches of 10 stems) or 150 mini gerberas/pomponi (10 bunches of 15 stems).   Every bucket of flowers has a plastic shroud to hold the flowers together during transport.  Our sales team would be happy to inform you of all the different packaging options for this box.  Also, as an added perk the white Ever-Bloom box can be used as a display!

NEW Racket-Pac™

ever-bloom gerberas
ever-bloom Racket-Pac

Dimensions: 15”x15”x29”          Weight: 15lbs         3.776 Cubes

Our NEW Racket-Pac™ Protectively delivers and displays 10 stems per racket card and 8 rackets per box. Flowers are shipped in water and well protected in the convex card with a plastic sleeve. The box can be used to easily display the 8 cards that are perfectly suited for end consumers.


Ever-Bloom ships per customer instructions, Monday through Saturday. We are a member of Nor-Cal and receive all applicable discounts for our customers. This includes substantial savings with Federal Express and other trucking firms that service the Carpinteria area are utilized.

A minimum of two trucks per day pick up product from Ever-Bloom for transport to LAX at 9:00 am and 12:00 noon.

Care and Handling

Cleanliness is an important factor when handling and caring for Gerberas. Containers must be clean and water treated with preservative. “Florarlife PRG”, the preferred preservative, is available from Florarlife. The packet of “Florarlife PRG”, included in each master, should be passed on to the retailer to ensure maximum vase life.

Clean buckets and picking carts, along with hydration in special holding tanks until moments before shipping, are part of our cleanliness safeguards. Our constant packaging research and adjustments minimize damage and keep box charges as low as possible. This allows us to offer packing options to meet customer requirements.

Our product leaves Ever-Bloom only after extensive quality control evaluation. Each flower is examined a minimum of three times by three different crew members in order to ensure that our standard of excellence has been met.