Anthurium Packaging

Though Anthurium flowers are commonly called “the Hawaiian Flower,” they are actually native to the mountainous cloud forests in Colombia.  They thrive in a sheltered shady and very humid environment.  When grown in a climate controlled greenhouse you can expect the highest quality anthurium flowers.  Ever-Bloom grows a unique assortment of colors and shapes with plants sourced from the top Anthurium breeders in Holland.

The Challenge of Shipping Anthurium:

Anthurium flowers are a tropical flower that will brown and have visible damage if stored in temperatures below 58 degree Fahrenheit (14.5 Celsius).  We strongly recommend that anthurium are transported in a warm environment.  If this is not possible, overnight trucks, FedEx, or OnTrac are good alternatives, but at the customers own risk.


When your Anthurium arrive we always recommend to cut off 1-2 inches at an angle at the base of the stem and immediately place in preservative water.  The ideal storage temperature is 64-68 degrees Fahrenheit (17-20 Celsius).


Responding to changing customer demands and specifications, Ever-Bloom has designed a new anthurium ‘Half Flat’ to our diverse set of packaging options.  The flower quantity is exactly half of our traditional full flat making an order custom tailored to your needs without adding too many extra flowers.  This box ships well with Fed Ex and is a more economical option for drop shipping and smaller orders.  As always, anthurium are very sensitive to cold temperatures, which must be taken into consideration when shipping.


Dims (in inches): 39x12x4
cubes: 1.1
weight: 4.1 lbs

Anthuriums packed:
Large: 20 stems
Medium: 30 stems
Small: 40 stems


Our Anthurium are packed in 40x16x5 cardboard flats that are padded with shredded newspaper and wrapped with insulation.




40 large per flat
60 medium per flat
90 small per flat


Large 5-7″ at spadix + 16″ stem length
Medium 4-5″ at spadix + 14″ stem length
Small 3-4″ at spadix + 12″ stem length