What's in the Box?

General Packaging

We pick and bunch Gerberas in groups of ten (more would bruise the delicate petals) and place them in carts with water treated with Floralife PRG Preservative.  The carts are then moved into a temperature controlled cooler (42°F) before they are packed into one of our many different pack options.  All stems are hydrated for the maximum possible time before they are packed into cards and placed into our refrigerated loading dock.

In the packing house the flowers are divided up into their specific orders and varied packs.  Our most common pack has two back cards each with 35 flowers that are boxed into a master that can have as many as five tiers.  We hand-pack 70 flowers per box/tier and secure each layer with padded cleats, staples and quilt batting.  Each size, whether it is a  2, 3, 4, or 5 tier master will be fitted with a sleeve and strapped to ensure it is all held together and protected during transport.


Ever-Bloom also provides several other packaging options.  Our patented AquaBox™ is our newest solution in our constant pursuit in bringing our customers the best in shipping and presentation.  Our NEW Racket-Pac™ Protectively delivers and displays 10 stems per racket card and 8 rackets per box. Flowers are shipped in water and well protected in the convex card with a plastic sleeve. The box can
be used to easily display the 8 cards that are perfectly suited for end consumers.  We also offer another package that ships in water is our bucket-box pack.  One hundred stems are packed in 10 separate bunches, placed in a simple bucket, and packed into an upright box.  Flowers can either be cupped, and/or sleeved.