Our History


Ever-Bloom’s flower-growing tradition can be traced back 15 generations, to 1699 and the Cornelius Van Wingerden family of Holland.

Every generation since then, for 288 years has grown flowers or fruit and vegetables. In 1967 John and Maria Van Wingerden emigrated from Holland with three other Van Wingerden families. There were four sets of parents with a total of 24 kids. The four brothers founded “Dutch Brothers”, a well known name in the floral industry in its day. The Dutch Brothers were responsible for helping their sons establish ten additional flower nurseries.


Holland, as every schoolchild knows, is the land of flowers and where the Van Wingerden family is from. For centuries this small country has been world-renown as a center for research and development of superior flowers.  To this day, we still get all of our Gerbera cultures from there, where the strains are developed using the latest selection practices. While Holland nurseries constantly strengthen old varieties and create new ones, Southern California is the land of mild weather year-round. It is the best climate for growing Gerberas as Ever-Bloom has demonstrated for over 20 years. Eduard Van Wingerden recognized that fact in 1979, and after growing Gerberas and several other flower crops, decided in 1984 to specialize in Gerberas. In 2001, an exquisite selection of Anthurium were added to Ever-Bloom’s greenhouse operations.

Today, Ever-Bloom encompasses over 650,000 square feet of glass greenhouses, utilizing the latest hydroponic technological advancements to grow and ship the largest variety and the highest quality Gerbera and Germini flowers available anywhere in the states.