Growing Practices

Growing Practices

PLANTING TECHNOLOGY: Ever-Bloom encompasses over 650,000 square feet of glass greenhouses utilizing the latest technological advancements and environmental practices. Computerized sensors monitor conditions such as temperature, humidity, light intensity, and carbon dioxide.


One 600hp boiler circulates hot water throughout a 14 acre range and is also supported by space heaters that supply emergency back-up capability.Dual shade and heat/energy curtains automatically close to block out excessive sunlight or cold night temperatures as well as regulate humidity.

At Ever-Bloom we are able to generate our own electricity, which can be used during peak demand or for emergency back-up.



Humidity, temperature, soil moisture, nutrition, exposure to sunlight – every variable is computer regulated in 14 acres of state-of-the-art greenhouses. The hydroponic growing system and integrated pest management program make Ever-Bloom Gerberas a sustainable and environmentally friendly crop.

We receive new tissue culture plants from Holland three times per year. After spending 12 weeks in our propagation houses, we weed out weak plants and place the strong plants in the greenhouse for flower production.They are carefully tended in our greenhouses for no more than 27 months to ensure quality flowers with strong stems and vibrant color.

Prop houses


Gerberas are planted annually with the color assortment based on annual demands. We adhere to a strict percentage method of packing during times of high demand for certain colors, e.g. red and white in December, yellow and orange in the fall. This ensures a fair mix to all of our customers, small and large.


Our planting schedules are aimed at providing double your standing order during the peak Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day demand.  At times when our production exceeds demand, we will only offer specials to our standing order customers (after all commitments and prices have been met) to protect our accounts from unfair competition.



The etymology of Anthurium comes from the Greek words anthos + oura (bloom + tall). It’s lacquered sheen, exotic tail or spadix, and long vase life makes this flower very popular. Ever-Bloom’s anthuriums can stay beautiful in the vase for up to 30 days!


Anthuriums are an evergreen that produce flowers all year long. Ever-Bloom’s anthuriums are selected, from the best exclusive varieties developed by Anthura, the largest Anthurium breeder in the world.  Flowers are chosen based on richness of bloom, plant structure, leaf quality, growing time, and shelf life.  We choose the most unique varieties, and consequently offer some varieties that can rarely be found elsewhere.


At Ever-Bloom we grow our anthuriums as sustainably as we grow the Gerbera and Germini.


Water is recycled, sterilized and reused; predacious insects instead of pesticides are used to the greatest extent possible, among other ecological practices.


Ever-Bloom has a 2800 square foot “smart” cooler that carefully monitors the temperature of the flowers stored inside, all the while adjusting energy usage to conserve electricity when the cooler is not filled to capacity. The cooler is split in half for optimum use during peak and regular growing periods.  New additions to our efficient coolers are two UV air scrubbers that remove ethylene and harmful spores from the air.  This specialized equipment will add a few more days of vase life to our flowers as well as maintain the quality we strive for.  In accordance with the ‘Cool Chain’ distribution model, Ever-Bloom also installed an additional cooler for the loading dock so product can remain cool before it is loaded onto refrigerated trucks.