Environmental Stewardship

Environment in Mind

Growing in a greenhouse empowers us with many tools to grow quality flowers with a conscience for the environment.  Ever-Bloom was the first flower nursery in Carpinteria to implement a closed-loop irrigation system, where every drop of excess irrigation water is collected and recycled to be used again.  This not only decreased our water use by over 40%, but enables us to keep all of our water on our own property with zero runoff.  Ever-Bloom is also a fervent advocate of using beneficial insects to combat the different pests that can be found on Gerbera plants.  Our army of helpful critters works tirelessly to keep our leaves and flowers clean!  Lastly, we are obsessed with efficiency.  Our state of the art boiler utilizes every possible BTU to heat greenhouses that have been equipped with multiple curtain systems to trap heat when it is needed.